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Heinz Graafsma holds a degree in applied physics and has over 25 years of experience in developing scientific instrumentation, in particular for frontier X-ray science, and over 15 years of experience in managing scientific and technical staff. In Grenoble France, he developed and headed the Instrumentation Division of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, with over 40 international scientists, engineers and technicians. Since 2006 he created the Photon-Science Detector Group at DESY-Hamburg.

Stefanie Jack, CFO

Stefanie Jack, CFO, gained experience during the last 20 years of project management in different industries. Since 2008 she is working for the DESY FS - Detector Group. During her employment at DESY and before she was in charge of sales and marketing, conception, supervision, financial administration and financial controlling of scientific projects.

David Pennicard, Chief Technical Officer

David Pennicard studied physics and electronic engineering as an undergraduate. During his PhD he specialized in detector development, which is a field that combines cutting-edge electronics with the goal of providing essential equipment to other scientists. Since 2009, he has led the development of the LAMBDA camera system and high-Z detector materials for use in experiments at DESY.

Florian Pithan, Sales

Florian has a background in engineering and has experience in solar energy. He is an expert in turning a prototype into a commercial product. If you have general questions about Lambda, wish to discuss your detector needs or want to test LAMBDA at your place - Florian is your point of contact. You can find him online, at conferences and user meetings or on the phone.  

Julian Becker, COO

Having a Master’s degree in medical physics as well as a PhD in physics on the topic of semiconductor detectors he has experience with potential markets outside the scientific community. He has worked for technology oriented companies in the past, both universities and privately funded labs. He is working for FS-DS since 2010 with an interlude at the detector development division of Cornell University (USA) from August 2014-2017.

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Heinz Graafsma, CEO
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