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LAMBDA developments

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Custom arrangement: LAMBDA 2M wide Sometimes the standard square arrangement of modules does not cover the angular range required for your application, and a different layout would be beneficial. As the LAMBDA readout electronics is modular in nature, it is possible to arrange individual 750K modules in almost any desired configuration. Engineering studies of ‘wide’ 2 Megapixel systems have been done, featuring a sensitive area of approximately 255 by 28 mm 2 . If you are interested in ‘wide’ versions of our systems or want to discuss the possibility of a custom arrangement feel free to contact our experienced design team anytime at info@x-spectrum.de.

Product Developments

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Vacuum compatibility The silicon LAMBDA system is specifically designed with flexibility in mind. Knowing that every experiment may present a new challenge we build our systems from modular units that can be optimized individually. One of the more common request is the request for vacuum compatibility. Certain high precision experiments require the use of back ground scatter reducing techniques like vacuum flight paths to reduce air scatter. Having the detector interface to this vacuum directly, without any windows in between, further reduces unwanted signal degradation. LAMBDA modules have been successfully operated in vacuum using a special housing. If you are interested in the vacuum capabilities of our systems our technical experts will be happy to review and discuss your requirements and our specifications. Contact us anytime at info@x- spectrum.de for more information.
Larger Areas: LAMBDA 9M & 21M The modular nature of LAMBDA modules allows for almost unlimited scalability. The next steps up in size are an approximately square area of 170 by 170 mm 2 , constituted from 2 columns of 6 modules each and an area of approximately 255 by 255 mm 2 , constituted from 3 columns of 9 modules each. Engineering studies of these systems are currently underway, interested parties may inquire at info@x-spectrum.de for availability and pricing.