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Three times the size, same speed and


X-spectrum has 2 Megapixel systems available for our customers. These systems combine all the features of our single module systems, e.g. resolution and speed, in a single 3 unit system. Our 2M systems can be combined with any of our sensor materials (Si, GaAs or CdTe). Contact us to learn more
PETRA III P02 Andre Rothkirch und  BMBF 05K13RF1 / Winkler, Uni Frankfurt
2M systems with GaAs sensors have recently been delivered to researchers from the University of Frankfurt and are deployed at the Hard X-Ray Diffraction Beamline P02 at PETRA-III. On the left you see the very first image taken with this system at P02. The image shows a CeO 2  standart in a diamond anvil cell stressed to pressures exceeding those found in the earth’s core.

2 Megapixel systems

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