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Depending on the sensor material the following specifications are valid:

  Silicon   GaAs           CdTe Energy range: 6 - 25 keV 8 - 75 keV 8 - 150 keV Adjustable threshold range: 4 - 40 keV 5 - 50 keV 5 - 75 keV

Depending on the size the following specifications are valid:

60K 250K 350K 750K(Si) 750K(other)       2M(Si)       2M(other) Detector pixels: 256x256 512x512 512x764 512x1536    512x1528     1536x1536     1536x1528 Sensor area: 14x14mm 2 28x28mm 2 28x42mm 2 28x85mm 2     28x85mm 2        85x85mm 2         85x85mm 2                                                                         We are also able to build detectors of different sizes and/or in different geometries. Upon request detectors can also be made vacuum compatible. Please inquire for detailed specifications.
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Specifications for the different options of


LAMBDA cameras are distinguished by their size. A 60K unit consists of a single Medipix3 chip, 250K systems tile 2x2 chips together, 350K units have 6 chips in a 2x3 arrangement, 750K units feature 12 chips in either 2x6 or 2 times 2x3 arrangement and 2M units have a total of 36 chips as we efficiently combine 3 750K units on top of each other.

All versions have the following common features:

Pixel size: 55 µm x 55 µm Sensor: 300 µm-thick Silicon, 500 µm-thick GaAs or 1000 µm-thick CdTe Max frame rate: up to 2000 frames per second in 12 bit mode Counter depth: 12 bit with zero time gap between images, 24 bit with 1 ms time gap between images Count rate (w/ corr.):  up to 2.5x10 8  cts/mm 2 /s (at 10% deviation from linear) Noise: Photon counting – noise free at 5 keV Cooling: Air cooling, water cooled for 2M systems External trigger: 3.3V TTL
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Comparison of different LAMBDA sizes. From left to right: LAMBDA 2M, 60K & 250K housing, 750K & 350K housing.