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Hybrid Pixel Detectors

The LAMBDA detector uses a “hybrid pixel” structure, as shown on the right, where a pixelated sensor layer is connected face-to-face to the Medipix3 readout chip by a fine array of solder bumps. The sensor layer converts incoming X-ray photons into electrical pulses, and the readout chip provides a signal processing channel for each pixel.

 The advantages of this technology are:

Sophisticated signal processing such as photon counting and energy binning can be performed in each pixel The readout chip can be connected to the DAQ system by many high-speed links, allowing extremely fast readout The sensor layer can be independently optimized – for example, high-Z semiconductors provide efficient, direct detection of hard X-rays Improvements in microchip technology (Moore’s law) make it possible to achieve faster readout, smarter signal processing and smaller pixels.
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