Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day 2023

Last week, we were joined by two junior researchers: In the scope of the “Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day” 2023, the two high school students revealed the inside of pens, chocolate eggs and mobile phones by X-ray analysis. We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and are hoping that we were able to pique their interest in working in high-tech some day!

The “Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day” (“Zukunftstag”) gives young people the opportunity to explore professions by spending a day in a selected company.

Ilker Ciftci is sitting at a desk, surrounded by two high school students. They are talking to X-Spectrum's CEOs Kendra Roder and Julian Schmehr, who are standing next to the table and looking down at items handed to them.
A boy is looking at a computer screen showing an X-ray image.