Our company

X-Spectrum GmbH is dedicated to the scientific advancement through research utilizing synchrotron radiation. We provide the LAMBDA system, a dedicated X-ray camera that is unique in its capabilities. The business model of X‑Spectrum is not only dependent on the success of the LAMBDA detector systems. Additionally, two other detector systems – AMBER and SPARTA – are being developed and sold. All our systems can be used for a variety of high-end experiments at advanced X-ray sources and in laboratories.

X‑Spectrum is a spin-off of the research center DESY in Hamburg and was founded in 2014. The founding team of X‑Spectrum consisted of five members of the detector development group at DESY. Meanwhile the company has grown to a size of 19 permanent employees and plans to grow further.

Our aim is to bring easy-to-use cameras to beamlines all over the world. X-spectrum not only provides the camera itself, but also dedicated IT equipment and software for seamless integration into the most common synchrotron beamline control systems. We firmly believe that detectors can be easy to use, plug and play devices. Our team is experienced in setting up detectors on many different beamlines and we believe in support to the experimentalist. We want our cameras to be the workhorses at the experiments, and we are working hard at making them suitable for this challenging task.

X‑Spectrum can draw on a sustained innovation cycle due to a strong cooperation with DESY. Our headquarters at the Start-Up Labs Bahrenfeld are located on DESY’s campus.

Credit header image: Denny Droßmann, Start-Up Labs Bahrenfeld