X-ray detectors and
electron detectors
by X-Spectrum

Detectors for your research

For X-ray crystallography and scattering experiments, LAMBDA offers the highest resolution you can buy today. With SPARTA, you will get the highest speed for your time-resolved X-ray experiments.

AMBER is the vacuum-enabled variant of LAMBDA, which is perfect for electron and X-ray detection in electron microscopy. Amber can also be used for X-ray experiments in vacuum to minimize air scattering.

Some research examples which were enabled by our products can be found on our customers page.

The LAMBDA detector line offers highest spatial resolution in different sizes.

Standard modules are

  • LAMBDA 60k
  • LAMBDA 750k
  • LAMBDA 10M

For special demand, other sizes are possible.

The energy range of your LAMBDA detector can be selected by choosing from three detector materials:

  • Si (6–25 keV)
  • GaAs (8–75 keV)
  • CdTe (8–150 keV)

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Get the reliable setup your lab needs to produce fast high-resolution or high-speed x-ray images. Smaller pixels, better images and higher throughput – these are the best x-ray cameras built for the world’s leading scientists.

Developed by DESY, the X-Spectrum X-ray cameras are the top-of-the-line research tools.

All our cameras come as a ready-to-use standalone product from the very front of the detector panel to the data output in a dedicated PC. Just install at your beamline and start your measurement. Of course, the camera systems can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure using the standard APIs.