SPARTA: The High-speed AGIPD-based X-ray detector

SPARTA is the laboratory size implementation of an AGIPD-based camera. The Adaptive Gain Integrating Pixel Detector (AGIPD) is an X-ray imager, originally designed for the European XFEL, the world’s most powerful free electron laser. It can take images at a rate exceeding 6 million frames per second*, in bursts of up to 352 images, 10 times per second. SPARTA can also capture up to 1000 images per second with a uniform repetition rate. By using a novel adaptive gain amplifier design, it combines an equivalent noise of just 1.3 keV when detecting single photons with a dynamic range of more than 104 photons of 12 keV. With a weight of only 3.5 kilograms it is a compact yet extremely powerful high-speed X-ray camera for your setup in the 3–15 keV range.

Pixel size200 µm x 200 µm
Sensor material500 µm thick Silicon, high-Z version in development
Sensor size128 x 512 pixels
25.6 mm x 105.2 mm sensitive area
Maximum frame rate≥ 6 MHz* in a burst of 352 images
Average frame rate3520 images per second (burst mode), 1000 images per second (cw mode)
Dynamic range0 to 10⁴ photons at 12 keV per pixel per frame
Equivalent count rate>1010 cts/pix/s (>2.5 × 1011 cts/mm²/s)
Noise∼ 1.3 keV (0.9 keV at reduced dynamic range)
External trigger3.3 V

*rates above 6 Mfps require special operating modes that may have reduced performance.