LAMBDA is an X-ray camera based on Medipix3 technology, with effectively noise-free photon counting capability, readout speed up to 24,000 frames per second, and a small pixel size of 55 µm. Available with detector sizes ranging from 65,000 to 10 million pixels, and with special sensor materials for efficient hard X-ray detection. View our product film here.

Designed for electron microscopy, AMBER also uses the Medipix3 chip to achieve noise-free detection of individual electrons, readout at 24,000 frames per second, and 55 µm pixel size. Different detector sizes and mounting options are available, including systems with compact sensors on cables for flexible positioning in the microscope.

An ultra-high-speed X-ray camera based on the AGIPD technology developed for use at the European XFEL. SPARTA can capture images at rates of more than 6 million frames per second in a 352 image burst, with both single photon sensitivity and a high dynamic range of up to 10,000 photons per pixel per image.

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