Get the reliable setup your lab needs to produce fast high-resolution X-ray images. Smaller pixels, better images and higher throughout – this is the best X-ray camera built for the world’s leading scientists.

Developed by DESY, the X-Spectrum X-ray camera is the top-of-the-line research tool, with 55µm pixels on scalable LAMBDA modules that each have 1536 x 512 pixels.


small, fast pixels (55µm) make for quicker and better investigations.


measure more samples in less time to speed up your research.

Excellent reliability:

get dedicated IT equipment and software – no more buggy and inflexible equipment.

and play:

quick device setup and seamless integration with the most common synchrotron beamline control systems.

The X-Spectrum camera is called LAMBDA (Large Area Medipix-Based Detector Array) – a photon-counting pixel detector system based on the Medipix3 readout chip.

Option 1

60k Si system – small and affordable

Option 2

750k Si system – the workhorse at your beamline!

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