COVID-19 and X-Spectrum

The restrictions in public life to control the COVID-19 “Corona” pandemic also do not spare X-Spectrum GmbH. Most of us are currently in our home office, whenever possible. Nevertheless, the production of our LAMBDA detectors and the development of new camera systems continues at the usual rate. In doing so, we are observing all necessary protective measures for our employees.
LAMBDA cameras also play an important role in the active fight against the virus. The synchrotron source PETRA-III at DESY has been running for a few days now especially for two experiments that will help to find active substances against the virus and to optimally dose them. At the experiment at the beamline P03, a team from DESY and KTH Stockholm is using a LAMBDA camera to research the mechanisms for the local medication of drugs that have severe side effects and can therefore only be used in very low doses. Read DESY’s article about this project.