X-Spectrum's CEO Kendra Roder presents her company in front of an audience at the German Startup Night in Seoul.
Kendra Roder is in a conversation with three people at the Next Rise 2023 exhibition, which is advertised on the banners in the background.

Networking in South Korea

As one of the world’s most innovative countries, South Korea was a highly anticipated location for our company. This is why our CEO Kendra Roder and Sales Manager Chieh-Hsuan Tsai have taken the opportunity for intensive networking in the scope of German Accelerator’s South Korea Market Discovery Program. After introducing our company at the German Startup Night in Seoul, which featured 10 German and 3 Korean start-ups, they successfully continued networking at the NextRise 2023 exhibition. We are very grateful for this chance to spend valuable time with so many innovative minds and explore opportunities for business and collaboration!