Kendra Roder and Julian Schmehr are X-Spectrum’s new CEOs

We are delighted to announce that, as of January, 2023, Kendra Roder and Dr. Julian Schmehr have jointly taken over the management of our company as new Chief Executive Officers.

Kendra and Julian have been an integral part of our team for some time: Kendra has led the administration for the last two years, and Julian has been Head of Production since 2019. Both will stay committed to their previous positions whilst taking over the responsibilities as CEOs.

“I look forward to my exciting new role and the challenge to manage X-Spectrum in all financial and general business aspects”, says Kendra with regards to her main responsibilities in this shared job arrangement. Julian will oversee the production and development activities: “I am excited to start in my new role where my main focus will lie on new detector developments as well as further enhancing our production capabilities in order to provide our customers with the platform for fascinating scientific discoveries.”

We are deeply grateful for the commitment of our co-founder Prof. Dr. Heinz Graafsma, who filled in as interim-CEO. We now wish Julian and Kendra much joy and success in their joint task!