Six LAMBDA 750k CdTe detectors are set up in this high-resolution powder diffraction experiment at BL13XU at the SPring-8 synchrotron, Japan.

Visit at SPring-8, Japan

Last week, we visited RIKEN SPring-8 center in Japan to present our detector and provide technical support. Our customer showed us this cool setup of their high-resolution powder diffraction experiment with six LAMBDA 750k CdTe detectors. It was our first time in Japan since we started collaborating with the Japanese distributor JEPICO, whom we visited as well. So great to see everyone! Our team member Chieh-Hsuan is now off to Pohang Accelerator Laboratory in Korea. Stay tuned about all upcoming visits here.

Roof pic of our Japanese customer Imai Yasuhiko with our team members Julian Becker, Julian Schmehr, and Chieh-Hsuan Tsai.